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Policies and Procedures

We know that no one likes to read the fine print, but please do! They are for your protection and ours. Plus it helps to know how things work.  Enjoy...


All drivers must show proof of "Full-Coverage" insurance prior to renting a vehicle.  Full-coverage insurance must include car rental coverage.  If renter's insurance does not cover rental vehicles, renter can purchase car rental insurance on-line.  Proof of on-line rental insurance will be required at time of check out.  All Rentz, LLC vehicles are insured under Rentz, LLC.  However, the driver/renter or the driver/renter's insurance is responsible for any damage to the vehicle.

Vehicle Damage

Any damage to the vehicle while in renter's care is renter's responsibility.  Rentz, LLC will assess the damage and obtain an estimate of damage from the appropriate professional (auto body, tire, keys, etc.) and give a written estimate of damages to renter within 5 business days.

The vehicle is being provided with tires in good condition.  A spare tire is provided with the appropriate tools to change a tire.  Any damage to the tires while on rent is renter's responsibility. If a new tire or wheel needs to be purchased, the tire and wheel must match the tires and wheels on the vehicle.  Renter may return the vehicle with a damaged tire and/or wheel and Rentz, LLC will obtain the correct tire and/or wheel and charge renter's card for the tire and/or wheel.

If a key fob is lost, the cost of a new key fob will be charged to the renter.  Should renter lock him/herself out of the vehicle, the cost of re-entry is renter's responsibility.  Any damage to the vehicle during he re-entry is also the renter's responsibility.

Additional Drivers

Additional drivers must meet all qualifications as the primary driver in regard to age and license requirements.  The charge for Additional Driver is USD/$12.99 per day per additional driver.  There is no charge for the companion driver of a renter with a disability who cannot operate the vehicle.  

There is a USD/$12.99 fee or additional drivers.  Additional drivers must show a valid driver's license and proof of "full coverage" insurance.

Smoking Policy

Smoking and/or vaping of cigarettes, e-cigarettes or marijuana is Prohibited at any time in rented vehicles.  If this policy is not followed, there will be an additional cleaning charge of USD/$50. 

If Rentz, LLC suspects alcohol or drug use, of ay kind, on a potential renter, a vehicle will NOT be rented.


The minimum age for renters and drivers is 21.

Additional Equipment

Any additional equpment provided during the time of rental such as floor mats, lock box, car seats, dog carrier/kennel, etc., must be returned at rental return.  If any additional equipment is not returned, the renter will be charged the replacement cost of the items.

Fuel Policy

Vehicles must be returned with a full tank of fuel to avoid refueling charges.  Refueling charges are based on the current rate of fuel, per gallon, at the time of rental, plus USD/$1 per gallon for a time-and-convenience fee. 

Pet Policy

If traveling with pet(s), there will be a USD/$30 mandatory cleaning fee.  Pet hair an scratches on the interior of vehicles can be degrading and a costly expense.  Pet carriers/kennels can be rented for USD/$50.

One-way Rentals

Rentz, LLC does not offer one-way rentals as there is only one location.


Website Vehicle Display and Availability

The featured vehicles that are displayed for each car class on the Rentz, LLC website are only representations of the type of vehicle that may be available or offered at the time of pick up. We cannot guarantee any specific displayed vehicle will be offered or available at the time of pick up due to fleet variances in availability, date, or other factors impacting the actual vehicle at the time of pick up.



All renters must meet all standard rental qualifications, including:

1. Produce a Major Credit Card/Debit Card at time of rental.

2. Produce a Drivers License bearing the same name as the Credit Card/Debit Card.

3. Names must match on Credit Card/Debit Card and Drivers License presented at the rental counter at the time of pick-up.



International Renters are defined as persons whose primary residence is from a non-US address. The address stated on the renter's valid Driver's License will be referenced to determine the Renter's primary residence. Rentz LLC. reserves the right to impose separate policies that may apply to International Renters which do not apply to other renters. International Renters must satisfy all the following conditions at the rental counter at time of pick-up:

1. Valid Drivers License from Country of Origin.

2. If the home country license is in a language other than English the renter must also present an International License or a notarized English Driver License translation document along with a Passport.

3. A U.S. contact phone number (i.e., an operating phone) to be contacted in case of an emergency while the vehicle is on rent.



1. A Major Credit Card from VISA, MASTERCARD, DISCOVER, or AMERICAN EXPRESS is required at time of pick-up.

2. Credit Card must have the available funds for the estimated amount of rental charges.

3. Unused funds will be returned through the credit card processor after the vehicle is returned.  Due to bank processing, a return of funds can take between 2 to 5 business days to appear in the Renter's account when using this form of payment.

4. We do NOT accept miniature key tag-style Credit Cards.



1. Debit Cards are accepted at time of rental check out.

2. Debit Cards presented at rental return must have a VISA, MASTERCARD, or DISCOVER logo.

3. Debit Card and Primary Driver on the rental must be in the same name.

4. Please see policy for PREPAID RESERVATIIONS regarding Debit Cards.



Cash is accepted as a valid form of payment at time of rental. However, a credit card must be on file for any incidentals/damages.



Prepaid Credit Cards from any card supplier are accepted at time of rental. However, a credit card must be on file for any incidentals/damages.



Major Credit Cards, Debit Cards, Prepaid American Express/Visa/MasterCard, and Cash are accepted as a valid form of payment at time of rental.



All rental fees are due at pick-up. If the vehicle is returned early the balance will be returned at the time of dop-off in the form of payment given at pick-up. Credit card returns may take 4 business days to show.


1. If you do not cancel your Rentz LLC. prepaid reservation 24-hours prior to pick-up date/time, you will forfeit the full amount of your prepayment. Any cancellation requests for a Rentz LLC. prepaid reservation submitted after booking and not within 24-hours prior to the confirmed pick-up rental date/time will incur a Cancellation Fee of USD/$50. The remaining balance of the prepaid reservation will be refunded to the card provided.


2. At the time of pick-up, you must present a credit card which was used to pay for your prepaid reservation. If the credit card you used to book your prepaid reservation is lost, stolen, or replaced by the card issuer and cannot be presented at the time of rental, you will have to process your reservation at the rental counter, and Rentz, LLC will waive the cancellation fee at the time of pick up.


Please call (970) 516-1950 to make any modifications to your reservation so we can provide the best service and options for your reservation.  Rentz LLC. works to provide the best service and options for the renter's reservation.  Rentz LLC. charges USD/$50 deposit to hold reservations.  The USD/$50 deposit will be applied to renter's balance and if renter does not keep reservation, renter forfeits deposit.

Rentz LLC. does not charge a security deposit.  All rental fees re charged at the time of pick-up.  Additional rental days re charged at the time of rental extension.


Miles:  Rental rates include unlimited miles. Vehicles mileage per gallon is based on manufacturer's estimates.


Late Returns:  The rate will increase by USD/$25 per day each day the vehicle is kept beyond the return date at the time of rental if the late return is not arranged with Rentz LLC. prior to the original return time/date.

Early Returns: There is no fee for early returns.


Rental Extensions:  To extend the rental agreement, customers must contact Rentz LLC. If the vehicle is kept longer than the return date stated on the rental agreement (contract), the rate will increase by USD/$25 per day unless arrangements are made with Rentz LLC. The increased rate will be charged for each day after expected return date, until the vehicle is returned. Please refer to the Early/Late Return to avoid additional fees.


Length of Rental:  Rental agreements (contract) cannot be assigned for a period longer than 30 days. If you have reserved the vehicle for a longer period of time, you must go into the location prior to the 31st day and renew the rental agreement (contract). The rate booked is guaranteed for the original duration of the reservation. Returns earlier or later than the return date on the reservation will be subject to a higher daily rate.

Grace Period:  A rental day is each 24-hour time period commencing with the date/time indicated on the rental agreement (contract) at the time of rental. There is a 59-minute grace period for pick-ups and returns. Additional charges and rate recalculation may apply if your pick-up or return happens outside of the standard grace period.

Rental Requirement:  All renters will be required, at the time of rental, to supply a valid driver license (U.S., or country license accompanied with an International license and passport), current insurance policy and credit card.

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